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Top 10 Worst Things to do in Macau for Thai Tourist

Top 10 Worst Things to do in Macau for Thai Tourist



Macau is a gambling hub and is often regarded as the headquarter of gambling in the world today. Gambling in China is generally illegal, and you might have to face the law if you violate it. However, in Macau, you can gamble and get overwhelmed by the experience it’d give you. It’s safe to compare Macau to Las Vegas, but the only difference is that Macau is a lot bigger in terms of money and generated revenue.

A lot of people who visit this city usually have this initial idea that it is going to be a lot similar to major Chinese cities like Hong Kong, but that was not the case when I visited. The city is unique and cannot be compared to any other city in the world. In Macau, you have so many things that you can do to get excited. However, if you are traveling or migrating from Bangkok to Macau, you need to be aware of some of the worst things to do so that you can avoid doing them.

In this article, you’ll find a detailed outline of some of the things you shouldn’t do whenever you visit Macau, and we advise that you take note of these things as you prepare to pay a visit to this great city. Keep reading so that you’ll know these things.

1.     Smoking

Macau is an ancient city with a lot of historically valued features. The first thing you should never forget when you visit this city is the fact that there are so many temples and places of worship in Macau. There are different laws that apply to vaping and smoking, especially in public. Therefore, when you are in Macau, you need to take note of these laws to not violate them.

Also, considering that there are so many places of worship and temples in this city, you might want to mind your manners and respect these places’ values. You shouldn’t smoke in a temple or a place of worship, whether you are in Macau or in any other part of the world.

2.     Language

If you are fluent in Portuguese, you might be tempted to speak the language so often, especially since the city is a Portuguese colony. However, you’ll be shocked to realize that it wouldn’t work for you if you try to speak it so often.

Are you wondering what language would work? Well, the safest thing for you is to try English first before any other language. Communication is a very vital thing in any place, and you wouldn’t want to lack the means of communicating when you visit Macau

3.     Not Asking Questions

If it is your first visit, there is a very high chance that you will get confused. The funny thing is that this is likely to happen frequently till you have fully gained ground and understand everything about the city. Whenever you are confused or do not know what to do, the best thing for you is to ask questions.

However, you need to be polite when asking these questions so that you don’t send the wrong ideas. Macau is a lovely city, and you can rest assured that when you ask these questions, you’ll get the answers you need.

4.     Misusing Opportunities

Macau is a very welcoming city, especially to foreigners. Once the people notice your foreign face, they will give you preferential treatment, but that doesn’t give you the right to misuse the opportunity.

You need to be as welcoming as they are to you. Therefore, you must never discriminate in any way or act a fool when you are in Macau.

5.     How you behave

There’s a general saying that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Well, it’s safe to change that to when in Macau, do as the Macau people do. Don’t try to impose your belief on the people, rather accept theirs. Follow all their laws, rules, and regulations passionately.

When you visit Macau, do not break these laws if you want to enjoy your stay there.

6.     Excessive Gambling

The city is widely known as the gambling headquarters of the entire universe. There are so many casinos in this city, but that doesn’t mean that you should go about gambling without control. One thing you must note is that these casinos are designed such that gamblers lose money while the casinos make more money. You don’t want to end up losing all your money to gambling, which is why you need to play with moderation.

7.     Not Minding your Business

When you are moving about in Macau, it is always advisable to stay focused and mind your business always. The need to do this cannot be overemphasized, especially when you are moving in front of a luxury hotel and different chicks approach you. The worst thing to do is to give them attention. You might end up in a sex scam or getting a bad bargain.

Even though prostitution is legal in the city, you still need to apply safety measures so that you don’t regret it. It is important to note that the people involved in this criminal act are not Macao natives. The people of Macao and very lovely people, and they won’t harm you.

8.     Taking a cab

Sometimes, taking a cab might be dangerous, and this is because they are mostly corrupt. Most of the cab drivers will charge you excessively, even if the distance covered is a really small distance. You can either take it or leave it. However, you can avoid this overcharge by ensuring that the price they call is the same as what reflects on the taxi meter.

There’s a reliable bus transportation system in Macau, and you can use this instead so that you feel safe. However, this system is a bit slower.

9.     Using unaccepted currencies

There are two main currencies that are accepted in this city. They are the Hong Kong Dollars and the Macanese Pataca. Whenever you are in this city, always ensure that you have either of these currencies so that you don’t get stranded.

10. Avoiding the Macau Tower

Many people get carried away by the tallest Bungy and other luxury structures when they visit Macau, and they tend to ignore or pay very little attention to the Macau Tower. Surprisingly, the tower has so many things to offer, even better than what you’d get in some of these luxury structures. Therefore, you might want to consider visiting the tower when you are in Macau.


Macau is a very nice place to visit, but to get the best experience, you’ll need a detailed guide to help you . You also need to know all the things you can do and the things you should avoid. We have provided a list of the ten worst things to do, and we hope that your visit to Macau will be worthwhile.


Macau is an amazing city globally, and it is widely known for its heritage in gambling and the different casinos it has. Here are the top 10 worst things to do when you visit Macau. Avoid them.

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