don't forget to bribe your teacherA Shenyang ¬†resident with a child in the 9th year of one city middle school says he just received a phone call from the child’s lead teacher with an invitation to take part in her son’s wedding tomorrow. The teacher has told numerous parents, which is quite worrisome; the students will soon take the high school entrance exam, and the teacher is still acting like this.

Reporter Wang Lina went to verify the report; the students are taking the exam soon, and the teacher did in fact tell the students in class to take part in her own son’s wedding.

Parents are unhappy. The children don’t have any money, so parents have to come up with some, thought they feeling having to do so is something of an “injustice”.

Commenting on this, one sociologist says that teachers should serve as models for students and share positive energy. This “socialization” of teachers is a serious issue, and is a covert form of “extorting parents.”


Son came home and said there’s a table for students at the teacher’s son’s wedding

On the evening of November 9th, the first thing that the 9th grade son of city resident Mr. Yu said when he came home was that they parents should go the next morning to the lead teacher’s son’s wedding.

“Are you serious? How could there be a table for students?” After Mr. Yu asked his son in detail, he discovered the lead teacher had reserved three tables for students, hoping they would all attend.

Mr. Yu said that the students had attended so many years of school and so far never encountered such a situation, and that even though the teacher’s son is getting married, she shouldn’t notify the students.

Before the parents could decide whether or not to attend the wedding, Mr. Yu’s phone rang. It was the lead teacher calling. After receiving the call, Mr. Yu felt even worse, and called the parents of other students in the class.

“I asked five or six of them, who all said they received phone calls, and we all feel that having to dig up this money is a bit of an ‘injustice’.” Mr. Yu said that his child will take the high school entrance exam next year, and this is the crunch period for study, so now it seems as if the teacher is trying to collect money from them.

Yesterday, reporters went to the address of the hotel where the wedding is to be held according to Mr. Yu’s information, but didn’t find any parents or students or even the lead teacher, just the couple getting married.

“The mother of the groom is a teacher, I haven’t seen any children or parents. I don’t know anything else,” confirmed one guest. When he came by in the morning, he didn’t see the parents of the groom either.


Investigation: Some parents feel the teacher is covertly asking for money

Mr. Yu says he didn’t go to the wedding, but that his wife went without their son.

At about 11:00, reporters tried to contact Mr. Yu again, but nobody answered the phone.

Reporters interviewed ten Shenyang parents regarding Mr. Yu’s situation, most of whom felt the teacher’s actions were inappropriate, but that they would still give cash as a wedding gift for the sake of the child.

Shenyang resident Mr. Wang said this is the first time he’d heard of such a situation, but that if you ask for money from students, it’s a covert way of asking for money from parents.

Another Shenyang resident, Mrs. Li, thinks the teacher lacks morals. How could she openly reserve a table for children? It’s bad for the children’s psychological health, at such a young age knowing that parents have to ply teachers with gifts.

Interviewee Mr. Zhang said that if the student can’t transfer schools, then the parents have to give money. If all the other children’s parents give money, then it’d be bad for the child whose parents didn’t give money.

Interviewee Mrs. Liu feels that teacher shouldn’t tell this information to students since it could easily cause conflicts between parents and students. Deciding whether or not to give money causes negative influence.


Expert: The “socialization” of teachers has caused this kind of serious issue

Liu Xiaonan from the Liaoning Province Social Sciences Academy Research Institute said that serious incidents like these are caused by the “socialization” of teachers.

Liu Xiaonan feels that that the teacher inviting students and parents to her son’s wedding is covert “extortion of parents,” and parents also feel this is an injustice.

“They’re afraid they’re doing something that will be bad for their child if they don’t come up with the money, and when they do come up with the money, they’re afraid it might be less than other students are giving.” Liu Xiaonan says that teachers should server as role models for students and share positive energy. This type of “socialization” is a covert way of tasking parents, and it puts them in a very difficult position.

Liu Xiaonan says that teachers should promote positivity instead of producing negativity. This type of situation produces both a psychological and material burden for parents.


Date of publication: 11/11/2013



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