hanging cashBo Zhuliang is a freshman at a university in Wuchang. Yesterday, he went to the showers with his roommates, where the wallet of one roommate surname Yao got wet. After retuning to the room, the roommate quietly hung up the wet bills one by one on clothespins to dry. The boys all had a good laugh, and took pictures to post on the web.

Yesterday, the four male students went out for a picnic, and the student surname Yao had brought with him 1000 RMB in cash. When they went to the showers at 5 pm after returning to school, he carelessly dropped his wallet on the wet floor, getting the wallet and all the cash in it wet. After returning to the dorm, Yao looked at the wallet, then looked at the clothespins, then suddenly had an idea, so he hung the bills up one by one to dry at the head of his bed. The roommates felt that hanging cash from all the clothespins, which are usually used to hang dry socks, was “an awesome sight.”

Waking up the next day, all the cash had dried, and Yao promptly took them down. “This is my living expenses for a month, next time I go to the showers or to wash clothes, I’m going to pay a little more attention.”


Original publication date: 10/22/2013


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fried eggXi’an Evening News: Mr. Li, who lives in the Longgang Garden community of Weiyang Road, felt both happy and helpless in his situation. His 8 year old son, Mumu, was required by his school to learn the new skill of frying an egg. With encouragement, Mumu developed an unrelenting interested in frying eggs, and every day, he would make them for his father to eat. This continued for 20 days until Mr. Li, who already had high cholesterol, “felt it was torture.” In order to avoid illness while protecting the feelings of his son, Mr. Li could only wait until Mumu was asleep before going home.

Mumu is a cute and lively boy in the 3rd grade at Houzaimen Elementary School. Right after summer break ended, the school told students they had to learn a new skill, with suggestions including sprouting beans and frying eggs. Under the guidance of his mother, Mumu decided to study frying eggs. At the beginning of August, a studious Mumu studied frying eggs with his mother daily. Facing boiling hot oil, Mumu was a bit scared at first, and only slowly dared to make a move. Sometimes the egg was burnt, sometime it was too oily. “Even so, his mother and I thought they tasted good. We didn’t raise him for nothing!” Mr. Li said that with his mother’s encouragement, Mumu’s craft improved, and his eggs tasted better and better, earning the praise of the entire family.

What Mr. Li didn’t realize was that due to the encouragement, Mumu became “addicted” to frying eggs. Every day when he had free time, the first thing he’d do was fry an egg, even posting pictures of the eggs on his class’s QQ group and receiving praise from his classmates. His mother was losing weight, his grandmother couldn’t eat such oily food, so the arduous task of “tasting the egg” fell on his father. At first, it was no big deal, but after more than 20 days of fried eggs, Mr. Li couldn’t quite take it anymore. “I’m scared whenever I see an egg now.” Seeing his son develop a new life skill, Mr. Li was happy, so he did his best to eat them until he “got sick”, and in order to not cause harm to his son’s enthusiasm, he could only continue to force himself to eat them.

Mr. Li said that his cholesterol is already high, and that the doctor has ordered him to eat fewer eggs. But every time he wanted to say, “Daddy can’t eat it,” he’d look at Mumu’s expectantly excited face, and he couldn’t take it. He’d eat the egg. Taking into consideration his own health, Mr. Li has been choosing to go home after 9:30 every night so that his son will already be asleep, and so that he won’t have to eat the eggs.

Would should Mr. Li do? Mrs. Gao, a resident of the same complex, suggests giving Mumu a new recipe, that way they won’t get sick of what he cooks.

Xu Jianguo, a well-known education specialist, expressed his opinion on the matter. “For children, the process of frying an egg is a learning process, and they can expand their cognitive abilities. If I were the parents, I wouldn’t say anything.” Xu Jianguo said that at the root of life is learning, and that the child should be allowed to slowly become “aware and critical” of the situation himself. What the parents don’t want to eat, they can secretly throw away. Although it’s a bit wasteful, the child’s enthusiasm is much more precious.


Date of Publication: 9/17/2013


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Hackers Hit Website of Luxor Temple Name Carver’s Former School

May 27, 2013

China National Radio 中国之声 posted on Weibo: Opening the school’s official website, the first thing that pops up is a window reading “Ding Jinhao was here”. The message won’t go away until the “accept” button is clicked. A “human-flesh search engine” revealed that the main character of the “Ding Jinhao was here” story once attended the […]

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May 25, 2013

“The dorm’s too hot, there’s no choice but to hug a winter melon to cool down and get to sleep.” For several days, the temperature has been steadily increasing in Guangzhou, with many city residents taking shelter in the cool of their air conditioned apartments. But recently, some students at Guangdong University of Technology and […]

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Claims Hebei School Forced Students to Donate Sperm

April 26, 2013

Hebei News Network reports: There has been embarrassment over reports of forced monetary and blood donations in the past, but can the most private of things for a man, his sperm, also become a forced donation? Yesterday, a student at the Shijiazhuang People’s Hospital College used his real name online to claim that on April […]

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Three Female College Students Devour Garlic & Avoid Brushing Teeth

April 25, 2013

They say rescue dogs will find them more easily in an earthquake At 5:11 PM on April 22nd, many residents of the city of Shenyang felt an earthquake. According to the China Seismological Bureau website, the tremors came from a 5.3 quake in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, and was felt strongly in Liaoning and Jilin provinces. […]

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