fried eggXi’an Evening News: Mr. Li, who lives in the Longgang Garden community of Weiyang Road, felt both happy and helpless in his situation. His 8 year old son, Mumu, was required by his school to learn the new skill of frying an egg. With encouragement, Mumu developed an unrelenting interested in frying eggs, and every day, he would make them for his father to eat. This continued for 20 days until Mr. Li, who already had high cholesterol, “felt it was torture.” In order to avoid illness while protecting the feelings of his son, Mr. Li could only wait until Mumu was asleep before going home.

Mumu is a cute and lively boy in the 3rd grade at Houzaimen Elementary School. Right after summer break ended, the school told students they had to learn a new skill, with suggestions including sprouting beans and frying eggs. Under the guidance of his mother, Mumu decided to study frying eggs. At the beginning of August, a studious Mumu studied frying eggs with his mother daily. Facing boiling hot oil, Mumu was a bit scared at first, and only slowly dared to make a move. Sometimes the egg was burnt, sometime it was too oily. “Even so, his mother and I thought they tasted good. We didn’t raise him for nothing!” Mr. Li said that with his mother’s encouragement, Mumu’s craft improved, and his eggs tasted better and better, earning the praise of the entire family.

What Mr. Li didn’t realize was that due to the encouragement, Mumu became “addicted” to frying eggs. Every day when he had free time, the first thing he’d do was fry an egg, even posting pictures of the eggs on his class’s QQ group and receiving praise from his classmates. His mother was losing weight, his grandmother couldn’t eat such oily food, so the arduous task of “tasting the egg” fell on his father. At first, it was no big deal, but after more than 20 days of fried eggs, Mr. Li couldn’t quite take it anymore. “I’m scared whenever I see an egg now.” Seeing his son develop a new life skill, Mr. Li was happy, so he did his best to eat them until he “got sick”, and in order to not cause harm to his son’s enthusiasm, he could only continue to force himself to eat them.

Mr. Li said that his cholesterol is already high, and that the doctor has ordered him to eat fewer eggs. But every time he wanted to say, “Daddy can’t eat it,” he’d look at Mumu’s expectantly excited face, and he couldn’t take it. He’d eat the egg. Taking into consideration his own health, Mr. Li has been choosing to go home after 9:30 every night so that his son will already be asleep, and so that he won’t have to eat the eggs.

Would should Mr. Li do? Mrs. Gao, a resident of the same complex, suggests giving Mumu a new recipe, that way they won’t get sick of what he cooks.

Xu Jianguo, a well-known education specialist, expressed his opinion on the matter. “For children, the process of frying an egg is a learning process, and they can expand their cognitive abilities. If I were the parents, I wouldn’t say anything.” Xu Jianguo said that at the root of life is learning, and that the child should be allowed to slowly become “aware and critical” of the situation himself. What the parents don’t want to eat, they can secretly throw away. Although it’s a bit wasteful, the child’s enthusiasm is much more precious.


Date of Publication: 9/17/2013


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IPTV reports: Hunan University of Technology has responded to a weibo post on April 25th exposing “school cafeteria collection of gutter oil”, saying the work was being done to clear drainage ways, and that the waste grease and oil was not used to manufacture gutter oil.

On April 20th,  weibo user 一朵太阳脸 posted pictures and claimed that people were collecting gutter oil from the back of the Caomeiyuan cafeteria on the Hubei University of Technology campus. The pictures on weibo showed an open manhole cover on a sewer behind the cafeteria with two workers dredging sewage out of the drain into a plastic bucket. A small van with its hatchback open is to the side, in which can be seen another larger blue sewage bucket. The blogger wrote, “I want to throw up. If the cafeteria does this, what are we students supposed to do? Can’t they just let us live?”

On April 25th, the school responded, saying that the so-called “gutter oil collecters” were actually doing drainage way clearing work, and that the grease and oil collected were not used to manufacture gutter oil. According to the results of an investigation by the school, the individuals in the picture are staff members from a waste oil management company in Wuhan who were sent to clean discarded food oil from the drainage pipes. The company is approved by the Wuhan City Environmental Protection Bureau. The company collects the oil specifically to extract biodiesel and chemical materials, and does not produce illegal gutter oil products.

Reporters contacted the waste oil management company, where staff verified the information provided by the school.



Original publication date: 04/26/2013

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Wasting Food: A Study Abroad Student’s Perspective

February 4, 2013

Original publication date: 2/1/13 Henan Business News: Xu works in a Chinese restaurant where all the staff are Chinese. When he first started work there, one of the old staff told him, “We dislike Chinese customers the most.” Xu didn’t understand, and thought the workers just blindly worshipped everything foreign. “You’ll understand eventually,” tersely said […]

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College Student From Xinjiang Treats Classmates to Nut Cake

January 8, 2013

On December 3rd, the official Weibo account of the Yueyang City Public Security Bureau posted about an incident in which a villager surname Ling got into an argument with a walnut snack vendor after a verbal miscommunication. The miscommunication led to a physical fight that then turned into a group brawl. The two were injured slightly […]

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