hanging cashBo Zhuliang is a freshman at a university in Wuchang. Yesterday, he went to the showers with his roommates, where the wallet of one roommate surname Yao got wet. After retuning to the room, the roommate quietly hung up the wet bills one by one on clothespins to dry. The boys all had a good laugh, and took pictures to post on the web.

Yesterday, the four male students went out for a picnic, and the student surname Yao had brought with him 1000 RMB in cash. When they went to the showers at 5 pm after returning to school, he carelessly dropped his wallet on the wet floor, getting the wallet and all the cash in it wet. After returning to the dorm, Yao looked at the wallet, then looked at the clothespins, then suddenly had an idea, so he hung the bills up one by one to dry at the head of his bed. The roommates felt that hanging cash from all the clothespins, which are usually used to hang dry socks, was “an awesome sight.”

Waking up the next day, all the cash had dried, and Yao promptly took them down. “This is my living expenses for a month, next time I go to the showers or to wash clothes, I’m going to pay a little more attention.”


Original publication date: 10/22/2013


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