chinese students in usA recent CCTV news report revealed that on  July 17th, “a 19 year old Chinese student in Italy unexpectedly died.” The news caused a surge of public commentary. Most internet users felt sorry for this young girl, but there were those who took delight in the tragedy.

One internet user commented, “I’ve been very safe growing up at home. I don’t have money to go abroad, so being poor is kind of good luck. I have no sympathy for this kind of stuff. She deserved to die, anyway, they’re all second-generation rich!” Reading such words, one really can’t help but gasp. Such cold blood? Such hate for the rich? Or is some deeper psychological issue at play? Is study abroad really the exclusive right of second-generation rich?


Study abroad is not just for second-generation now

Many people think that only “rich people” with “wealthy family background” choose to study abroad. So how much does it cost to study abroad after all? Can someone “scrape together” enough money? Let’s look at what it costs to study abroad in various countries.

The United States has the world’s largest collection of higher education establishments, and many students hope to study there. There is a large range of tuitions for schools in the United States, with yearly tuition at public schools ranging from 70,000 to 150,000 RMB per year. Private schools are comparatively somewhat higher, from about 150,000 to 200,000 RMB per year. Living expenses are according to personal need and city of location. Generally, second-tier US cities are about 70,000 RMB per year for an individual, while in New York and other larger cities, living expenses can be kept under 120,000 RMB. Overall, if a student chooses to go to a public school in a second-tier city, expenses can be kept within about 200,000 RMB a year. If you’re an MA student on a two-year program, 400,000 RMB can cover all your study abroad expenses. Students who have the chance to work or apply for scholarships can lighten the burden of their expenses, sometimes even by half.

Canada and Australia are superior to the United States in terms of immigration. In recent years, Australia and Canada have also become hotspots for study abroad. Australia, for example, has undergraduate tuitions of between 120,000 and 150,000 RMB per year, with graduate tuitions about 20,000 to 30,000 higher. In terms of living expenses, about 80,000 to 100,000 RMB is enough for a student. Although it’s not as easy to apply for Australian scholarships as it is to apply for US scholarships, there’s not much difference in terms of the time required. An MA student on a one-year program, 200,000 RMB should be enough. If you want to save a bit more, work-study programs are’t a bad choice. Don’t be shocked if you’ve heard some people spend 100,000 RMB on an Australian MA. Work-study programs allow students from less wealthy families go abroad to continue their studies.

With the development of China’s economy and the increase of the RMB’s exchange rate, study abroad is no longer only for the rich. Many people are relying on their own hard work to fulfill their study abroad dream. Also, as the funds necessary to live in some big cities in China are rising rapidly, the difference between the cost of studying in China and studying abroad is getting steadily decreasing.


Respect life & reject “hatred of the wealthy”

As for those who die abroad, we should mourn and express sympathy. This is respect for life. The cold-blooded and sneering crowd that delights in tragedy either suffers from “sour grapes” mentality or is dissatisfied with real life. No matter what, she has died, and we hope respect for life can be maintained, and those who hold a “rich hating” mentality can refrain from being heartless spectators.


Original publication date: 7/18/2013


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knife attackA man in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang named Hai Bo (pseudonym) ran after an African student chopping at him with a knife. The student, with poor Chinese language skills, had no idea what was going on, and ended up suffering serious injuries.

Yesterday, the prosecutor’s office of Ouhai District, Wenzhou City issued a request for the forced hospitalization of Hai Bo, who suffers from schizophrenia. Investigators believe Hai Bo continues to pose a threat to society, and have made the recommendation in order to avoid future incidents.


He thought the foreigner was intentionally being unresponsive toward him

Hai Bo lives near Wenzhou’s University City with his parents, with whom he rents out several apartments. On March 7th around 8 PM, Hai Bo suddenly had a thought: The tenant on the 3rd floor, Andy (pseudonym), and his ex-wife were having an affair.

Hai Bo grabbed a knife and went to question Andy.

“Was it you who seduced my wife, or did she seduce you?” Hai Bo loudly asked Andy in the 3rd floor apartment.

African student Andy hadn’t been in Wenzhou long, and he didn’t speak Chinese. Facing the enraged Hai Bo, Andy couldn’t make heads or tails of the situation, and said again and again that he didn’t understand.

Hai Bo thought Andy’s lack of response was intentional, so he took out a knife and stabbed Andy.

In a panic, Andy ran down to a bathroom on the 2nd floor. Chasing after him, Haibo continued to strike Andy with the knife, causing multiple injuries to his head, neck, arms and elsewhere. Andy’s wounds were inspected and categorized as “serious injuries”.

On March 8th, Hai Bo was arrested on suspicion of premeditated assault. On March 12th, it was determined that Hai Bo suffers from schizophrenia, and he was taken to a psychiatric hospital.

According to the investigator’s office, Hai Bo has suffered from schizophrenia for at least ten year. In those years, he often suffered schizophrenic episodes, and would occasionally attack others for no reason, with other instances in which he grabbed a knife and chased people around.

Yesterday, the prosecutor’s office handling the case explained that according to new rules, the government will pay for forced hospitalizations of the psychologically ill. However, since these new rules have just been enacted, their specific implementation is still is still being worked out.


Original publication date: 5/28/13


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Hackers Hit Website of Luxor Temple Name Carver’s Former School

May 27, 2013

China National Radio 中国之声 posted on Weibo: Opening the school’s official website, the first thing that pops up is a window reading “Ding Jinhao was here”. The message won’t go away until the “accept” button is clicked. A “human-flesh search engine” revealed that the main character of the “Ding Jinhao was here” story once attended the […]

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Local People’s Congress Rep Blocks School Bus Path with SUV, Slaps Parent

May 26, 2013

On May 24th, microblog user 路边社湖南分社 posted, “A little after 8 AM, a car with Guangdong province “S” series plates parked in front of the gate of the Yongzhou [Hunan] Qiyang County Little Swallow Kindergarten. A parent asked the driver to move the car so that school busses could get through, but the driver ignored the […]

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15 Year Old Henan Student Jumps From School Building After Attending Class During Holiday

May 6, 2013

Dahe News Reports: May 4th is national Youth Day, with all children over the age of 14 getting a half day off from school, but one 15 year old student in the third year class at Wuzhi Middle School in Henan jumped from the stairs of academic building last Saturday, and is now in critical […]

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Ed News Digest: Middle school dropouts, hair loss, and roommate relations

May 5, 2013

Schools have gone on higher alert over roommate relations due to the recent poisoning of a student by his roommate at Fudan medical school as well as the resurgence of interest on Weibo regarding the infamous Zhu Ling roommate poisoning case from the early 90s. Yangzhou University has responded by creating an “anonymous complaint” wall, […]

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Military Academy Swindler Steals 1.4 Million RMB From 6 Families

February 25, 2013

Original publication date: 2/25/13 Xinjing News reports: Attend a military academy, become a military officer, work as a government official… six families were cheated out of a total of 1.4 million RMB by a man surname Diao because of their wishes to give their children a brighter future. Recently, Mr. Diao was sentenced to eleven […]

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Elementary School Principal Molested Girls for Over 10 Years

February 22, 2013

Original publication date: 2/21/13 Anhui News reports: Teachers are supposed to be the saints of the education world, but in Qianshan County of Anhui province, an elementary school principal surname Yang has been molesting multiple female elementary school students for years. On February 20th, reporters visited the prosecutor’s office of Qianshan County, where Mr. Yang […]

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The Right Prescription for Mental Health in Study Abroad

January 29, 2013

Last year, the news that a female student from China at MIT had unexpectedly died in her dorm sent shockwaves through the entire country and the world, and attracted much attention from both students and parents. The story also once again brought safety in study abroad to our attention. Looking over recent news reports, it’s […]

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2012 Events in Study Abroad (part 1)

January 10, 2013

A serving of events from study abroad around the world The calendar has already turned past 2012. This year, study abroad policies from around the world were good overall, though  student safety incidents did occur occasionally (including issues of a personal, academic, and financial nature). We can’t help but sigh a bit. Going abroad is […]

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