African Student Attacked with Knife by Schizophrenic Landlord in Wenzhou

by elbbj on May 29, 2013

knife attackA man in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang named Hai Bo (pseudonym) ran after an African student chopping at him with a knife. The student, with poor Chinese language skills, had no idea what was going on, and ended up suffering serious injuries.

Yesterday, the prosecutor’s office of Ouhai District, Wenzhou City issued a request for the forced hospitalization of Hai Bo, who suffers from schizophrenia. Investigators believe Hai Bo continues to pose a threat to society, and have made the recommendation in order to avoid future incidents.


He thought the foreigner was intentionally being unresponsive toward him

Hai Bo lives near Wenzhou’s University City with his parents, with whom he rents out several apartments. On March 7th around 8 PM, Hai Bo suddenly had a thought: The tenant on the 3rd floor, Andy (pseudonym), and his ex-wife were having an affair.

Hai Bo grabbed a knife and went to question Andy.

“Was it you who seduced my wife, or did she seduce you?” Hai Bo loudly asked Andy in the 3rd floor apartment.

African student Andy hadn’t been in Wenzhou long, and he didn’t speak Chinese. Facing the enraged Hai Bo, Andy couldn’t make heads or tails of the situation, and said again and again that he didn’t understand.

Hai Bo thought Andy’s lack of response was intentional, so he took out a knife and stabbed Andy.

In a panic, Andy ran down to a bathroom on the 2nd floor. Chasing after him, Haibo continued to strike Andy with the knife, causing multiple injuries to his head, neck, arms and elsewhere. Andy’s wounds were inspected and categorized as “serious injuries”.

On March 8th, Hai Bo was arrested on suspicion of premeditated assault. On March 12th, it was determined that Hai Bo suffers from schizophrenia, and he was taken to a psychiatric hospital.

According to the investigator’s office, Hai Bo has suffered from schizophrenia for at least ten year. In those years, he often suffered schizophrenic episodes, and would occasionally attack others for no reason, with other instances in which he grabbed a knife and chased people around.

Yesterday, the prosecutor’s office handling the case explained that according to new rules, the government will pay for forced hospitalizations of the psychologically ill. However, since these new rules have just been enacted, their specific implementation is still is still being worked out.


Original publication date: 5/28/13


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