Ed News Digest: Egyptian temple graffiti, gaokao scores accepted in Australia, most active college on taobao

by elbbj on May 26, 2013

Epic vandalism: Nanjing middle school student carves name on fresco in 3000 year old Egyptian temple. And there I was thinking it was just a sign that the Chinese helped build parts of ancient Egypt.

Eight national-level universities in Australia will begin accepting gaokao scores this year. These scores will allow students to test out of certain pre-requisite courses. Students will still need to get IELTS scores of between 6 and 6.5.

A 56 year old teacher in Henan has been arrested for sexually assaulting more than ten female elementary school students over the course of many years.

A school bus carrying 21 elementary school students in Foshan, Guangdong crashed into a parked tractor, injuring nine of the children and killing one.

Zhejiang University gains the dubious distinction of student body making the most online purchases with Taobao/Alipay. Among others on the list are Sichuan University, Tongji University, and Zhengzhou University.

Another physical education-related death in a Chinese school. A 15 year old middle school student in  Dongguan, Guangzhou collapsed and died after a 400-meter “endurance run”.


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