Local People’s Congress Rep Blocks School Bus Path with SUV, Slaps Parent

by elbbj on May 26, 2013

wooh school busOn May 24th, microblog user 路边社湖南分社 posted, “A little after 8 AM, a car with Guangdong province “S” series plates parked in front of the gate of the Yongzhou [Hunan] Qiyang County Little Swallow Kindergarten. A parent asked the driver to move the car so that school busses could get through, but the driver ignored the parent for a long time. Then, the driver opened the door and slapped the parent in the face. The driver then yelled, “I’m a Representative in the Municipal People’s Congress. I’ll hit you if I want to hit you!”

The police officer who handled the situation told reporters, “The slapper is indeed a Representative of the Yongzhou Municipal People’s Congress.”


An SUV driver blocks a school bus then slaps a parent

On the afternoon of the 24th, reporters contacted the Mr. Zhou, the man who, according to the original Weibo post, was slapped. Mr. Zhou said that around 8 AM, he was taking his six year old child to kindergarten, when he saw an SUV with a Guangdong province “S” series license plates parked directly blocking the path for school busses. The kindergarten guard asked the SUV owner to move the car, but the owner didn’t move.

Mr. Zhou said he also tried to help persuade the SUV owner, but that he still refused to move. It was at that time that Mr. Zhou saw a sign on the SUV reading “Special Vehicle for the Fourth Municipal People’s Congress #3 Meeting”. Mr. Zhou told the driver that if he didn’t move the car, he’d take a picture and expose him on the internet. At that moment, a middle aged man got out of the driver’s seat and gave him a slap, frightening the child at his side to tears. Then, a middle aged woman in the front passenger’s seat said, “He hit you. What are you going to do about it?”


The police say the slapper is in fact a Municipal People’s Congress Representative

Mr. Zhou immediately called the police, who came out from the Taozhu Road Station and took away the slapper. After the incident ended, he learned that the man is a Qiyang resident, a business owner named Mr. Wang, who is currently a Representative for the Yongzhou Municipal People’s Congress.

Later, the Taozhu Road Police Station contacted Mr. Zhou to prepare for negotiations between the two sides, but Mr. Zhou did not agree to participate.

Reporters later got in touch with an individual handling this case at the Taozhu Road Police Station, who confirmed that the slapper is Mr. Wang, the Yongzhou Municipal People’s Congress Representative, but that further details were currently unavailable.

The Director of the Yongzhou Municipal Committee News & Information Division told reporters that the People’s Congress is taking the matter with full seriousness after seeing the Tengxun microblog post, and has already sent individuals to Qiyang to investigate. “We have still not determined whether or not the Representative said what was reported in the microblog post. However, the News & Information Division is promptly contacting the Yongzhou Municipal People’s Congress, and after investigating, will make an announcement to the public,” said the Director.


Original publication date: 5/25/13

Source: http://kids.163.com/13/0525/09/8VN82U9J00294KTV.html

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