Ed News Digest: GWU a “playground for fuerdai”, 548 Qinghai children ill with food poisoning, sex ed in Ningbo gets parents mad

by elbbj on May 25, 2013

A female student at a university in Anhui has a one-night stand, gets pregnant, and marries during as a sophomore, gives birth to a child as a junior, and gets divorced as a senior.

548 school children in Qinghai province fall ill with symptoms including vomiting, dizziness, and headaches after eating school breakfast. Mass food poising is suspected.

Chongqing native studies abroad in the United States after graduating from college, has now returned home to open an American-style restaurant and bring delicious foreign flavors to the people.

Fifth grade elementary school teacher in Ningbo lacks sex ed-related teaching materials, discusses sexual assault with students. Parents blame the teacher for introducing their children to “vulgar topics”.

George Washington University is the most expensive “second-generation rich university” in the United States. The article calls it a “playground for second-generation rich Chinese”.

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