Many “Foreign” University Applicants in Guangdong Have Never Left China

by elbbj on May 25, 2013

jinan universityA student from Hong Kong named Liang Jing (pseudonym) is attending Jinan University in Guangdong. She told Yicai Daily News that not only did she get extra points on her entry test because of her Hong Kong citizenship, the topics were easier as well, with fewer subjects, and humanities as the focus. Literature, language, and math were required subjects, and one could select a test in either history or geography.

According to a worker at the Educational Testing Institute of the Guangdong Province Department of Education, there are two methods of testing Chinese students from abroad and Chinese students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. they may take part in the unified national exam, or they may take the Jinan University Overseas Chinese University’s “two-school unified test”.

The individual at the Educational Testing Institute also said that students without Guangzhou hukou could register for the province’s gaokao with proof of three years of high school education and the related requirements.

Liang Jing said that students possessing a foreign ID can take part in the overseas Chinese tests, including the unified national exam for students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan and the “two-school unified test”, since the content on these two tests are much easier than the gaokao.

Regardless of whether students take the two-school unified test or the unified national exam, there are some requirements for the resident status of the test takers. According to rules in a publication by the Ministry of Education, Domestic (Including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) General Higher Education Regulations on Unified Enrollment of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Studentsoverseas Chinese students must have the long-term or permanent right to reside abroad, as well as have actually lived abroad for more than two years. Jinan University has same rules for enrolling new students.

Still, Liang Jing revealed to reporters that most foreign undergraduates at Jinan University were in fact born-and-bred locals, and that many had never even been outside the People’s Republic of China. “Although some people hold ID from elsewhere, they haven’t even been there.”

These students keep their status a closely guarded secret, saying only that, “Someone in their family helped them handle things.”

The way Liang Jing sees it, she understands the situation of the students who have come to the school through the alternative Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan ID channels, but that these students have an advantage when taking the two-school unified test, and that it’s unfair to students who have actually been living outside mainland China for long periods of time.


Original publication date: 5/25/13


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