Wuhan High School Smashes Student Mobile Phones

by elbbj on May 12, 2013

smashed phones“A post-graduate year high school in Wuchang has set up a ‘dead mobile phone display case’ containing the confiscated and smashed phones of students caught using their phones in violation of school rules. Yesterday, a Weibo user posted pictures under the title “Wuhan’s Strictest School Rules: Student Mobile Phones Smashed”, causing much discussion. The school’s director explained, “The ‘confiscation and smashing of mobile phones brought to school’ rule is already written in the school rules document; In order for students to get a good gaokao score, the school will continue to ‘smash’.”


Students: The school is being totally unreasonable

According to internet users, the Wuchang school in question is Wuhan City Wuchang District Guohua Academic Training School. According to that school’s website, it was founded in 2007, and is a gaokao training school specifically for this current year’s and the following year’s high school graduates. “In five years, the school has sent three students to PKU and Tsinghua.”

The pictures of the “dead mobile phone display case” showed more than twenty mobile phones with smashed screens. Reporters learned that these smashed phones include an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy, and other high-end phones, as well as common phones worth less than RMB 1000.

Student Liu Zhi (pseudonym) had his Samsung Galaxy smashed in public during a morning meeting last month.

The phone was confiscated by a teacher patrolling the dorm when he was using it in the evening to browse the internet. He begged and pleaded with the teacher for several hours, but could not get the phone back from the teacher. The next day in the morning, he watched with his own eyes as his new mobile phone was smashed with a metal hammer by the director of Student Affairs.

Liu Zhi said that although he knew it was not right for him to bring the phone to school, it’s totally unreasonable for the school to not even give one second chance before smashing a phone worth several thousand RMB.


Parents: We support the school smashing phones

“Students are uniformly not allowed to bring to school mobile phones, MP3 players, digital video players, and other electronic devices that are not used for study.” This is the answer given by the admissions department to questions by parents.

Yesterday, reporters found an item entitled, “Smashing Mobile Phones, Saving Students” in a Letter to Parents posted on the school’s website on August 11th. It states, “A few students use mobile phones against the rules, playing games online, and losing sleep at night, which causes serious issues with study the following day.”

The school told parents in the letter, “If students are found using mobile phones, the phones will be confiscated and then smashed.” The school explained that although this may seem like a “crazy” method, maybe a little over the top, after much deliberation and reconsideration, the school still feels “the economic loss is unimportant, and the future of the children is important.”

Three responses by parents after the school’s publication of the news expressed “supportive” attitudes. One parent surname Xu wrote in response, “I completely agree! I hope it is firmly implemented and carried out!”


School: Gaokao scores are more important

The school’s director explained yesterday, that the “dead mobile phone display case” was set up on the 6th of this month. The gaokao is coming up quickly, and some students are still violating the school rules by secretly accessing the internet on their phones while at school, which has affected their test preparations. The school decided to display the “dead phones” in hopes that it would send a warning to students who did not make the proper changes on their own.

Reporters understand that previously, smashed phones were all stored in the Student Affairs Office. In addition to the more than twenty phones on display, the school has smashed nearly thirty other devices including iPads and MP3 players.

“Admittedly, students who bring their mobile phones to school are in the wrong, but a phone is a personal possession. Does the school have the right to smash it?” Many on the internet feel what the school is doing is inappropriate. One user named 小晨loveless wrote, “The school’s actions are too extreme.”

The school’s director said that they will continue to “smash”. “After all, the gaokao that’s just one month away is more important than a several thousand RMB mobile phone. Parents know that the school is doing this to improve the test scores of the students.”


Original publication date: 5/9/13

Source: http://edu.163.com/13/0509/10/8UE5D7O400294JD0.html

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