BLCU Plans to Admit Set Number of Second-Choice Students for First Time

by elbbj on May 12, 2013

blcuNews has come from Beijing Language and Culture University that the school plans to admit 90 students from Beijing this year, including 41 students in humanities and 49 students in the sciences. What’s different from previous years is that, for the first time, the school has set a quota to admit ten students in the sciences who listed BLCU as a second-choice school on their school selection preference form.

Reporters understand that the school is opening up recruitment of second-choice students in the majors of the computer science department at information sciences institute, the digital media department, and the information management/information systems department. This is in order to strengthen the foreign language skills within these majors, and help produce breakthroughs in language technology through integrating the school’s excellent language environment resources, as well as to cultivate talent in language and information-related technologies. Other majors will not be accepting second-choice students, so gaokao takers should remember this while taking the test.

Lin Fang, Director of Admissions at BLCU explained that most majors at the university have requirements for the foreign language oral test scores, but that there is no such requirement for the Chinese language and literature department in the humanities, as well as the three majors in the information sciences department within the sciences. Students who have not taken oral foreign language tests can enroll in these majors. When students enroll at BLCU, they are required to enter the majors assigned to them, and cannot switch majors once enrolled. Students are admitted according to test scores, and students with matching test scores are assigned to majors according to their grades in individual subjects.

Additionally, the minorities language department of BLCU independently plans to admit 30 students in advance. A batch of 12 undergraduates will be admitted in advance, although these admissions will be made according to the test results of advanced admissions tests administered in February of this year and with the approval of the departments.


Original publication date: 5/8/2013


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