Ed News Digest: Kindergarten interview prep class, mouse head rice, and the nicknames you get when you sunbathe naked in your dorm

by elbbj on May 8, 2013

Suggestion that China adopt the “American Gaokao” model of allowing students multiple opportunities per year to take the college entrance exam.


A Student at Nanchang Academy of Science and Technology attracts attention after using the ledge of his dormitory window to sunbathe naked, gets nicked named “Ecstasy Boy” by uncreative internet users.


A man with cerebral palsy named Zhang Dakui has received his PhD from Beijing Institute of Technology.


An unfortunate incident in a cafeteria in Zhejiang. A student found a dried up mouse head in his sticky rice. The school’s compensation? Four eggs.


Wuhan families are paying nearly RMB 10,000 to enroll their children in a prep course, but it’s not to help high school students apply for college abroad. This one is to help kindergarteners prepare for premium elementary school entrance interviews.

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