Ed News Digest: Middle school dropouts, hair loss, and roommate relations

by elbbj on May 5, 2013

Schools have gone on higher alert over roommate relations due to the recent poisoning of a student by his roommate at Fudan medical school as well as the resurgence of interest on Weibo regarding the infamous Zhu Ling roommate poisoning case from the early 90s. Yangzhou University has responded by creating an “anonymous complaint” wall, where students can tell their “eccentric” roommates to knock it off. Not a terribly well thought out method of improving roommate relations… I imagine it will end after it causes some minor disaster.


Check out the ID photos of one student as an undergraduate, master’s student, and PhD. Makes me feel pretty lucky!


Families in Jinan are buying and selling real estate just to get their children into the city’s good schools. Some primary schools have records of seven different families all registered to the same address. This has put major strains on the schools, some unexpectedly having to add over a hundred new spaces for these incoming students.


In 2010, the top student in a Hubei middle school dropped out to write a novel. He published his first book at the beginning of this year, a 250,000 character thriller entitled Revenge of the Titan. His second book is already in the works, and is reportedly called The Virgin of the Rocks.┬áLots of critical comments both about the failures of the Chinese education system as well as how sorry the kid will be since he doesn’t have a middle school diploma.

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