“Failure Boy” Fails English Exam 7 Times, Finally Enters Grad School

by elbbj on May 4, 2013

studyingYangzhou News Network: With the publication of secondary examination results at school several days ago, the graduate school entry process is coming to a close for this year.

One student at Yangzhou University’s Physics Institute surname Ying, whose Gaokao test result did not allow him to study his much-desired major of law as an undergraduate, disliked his physics major to the point that failure became an everyday affair for him. Mr. Ying met a number of friends outside of class, among which were several graduate school entrance exam coaches. In his third year at school, while he was helping these coaches promote their prep classes, he just happened to see an ad for an MA program in law. “Suddenly, I was no longer in a stupor, like I was waking up from a dream.”

Most students around Ying Yiping felt it too risky to try to test into a graduate program that did not match their major, but he would not resign himself to fate. During the graduate exam period, Mr. Ying got up right after 7 in the morning, and spent all his time in the library from opening until closing, aside from attending classes and working in the lab. After the library closed, he’d go back to study rooms until he had to return to the dorm at 10:30 in the evening.

The hardest part for Mr. Ying was English. He took the CET-4 test seven times, and didn’t pass once. Finally, this time, he received a passing score, using his own review methods. “Reading is the key to everything,” this became Mr. Ying’s motto, and he spent a large amount of time and energy on reading.

Mr. Ying called this round of grad school exams the “Northern Expedition”. After he passed the preliminary exams, he went north to Beijing to take the secondary exams. He explained that in the interviews, five teachers would “attack”, one after another, setting up logical traps for the exam takers. Many students came out crying, but when the results were published on April 19th, Mr. Ying became a graduate student at the China University Political Science and Law.


Original Publication Date: 05/03/2013

Source: http://edu.163.com/13/0503/17/8TVHN9EV00294JNM.html

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