Ed News Digest: Card Games & Jokes Get You Into China’s Top Schools

by elbbj on March 19, 2013

Increasingly, universities in China are finding students with outstanding talents and abilities in different fields and offering them admission under special conditions. This year, Peking University will find five students with talent in card and chess games to recruit. Somehow, this doesn’t include mahjong! 北大拟招5名棋牌特长生 候选人在13年高考录取

The massively popular costume drama Legend of Zhen Huan is slated to begin dubbed broadcasting internationally in English soon. A creative English language teacher at Huazhong University of Science and Technology asked her students to dub voiceovers for the show as a homework assignment as well. 为《甄嬛传》配音成高校英语课作业

The language portion of the independent recruitment exam for Peking University puzzled almost all the test takers this year with one question. It asked examinees to write their own joke using the terms “Peking University”, “Tsinghua University” “college entrance exam” and “top examinee”.  教育要给孩子一个“幽默救生圈”

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