Ed News Digest: Wife Afraid of Husband’s Govt Job Offer, Kid Beat Because of Holiday Gift Money

by elbbj on March 18, 2013

Today we’re beginning a new feature, a digest of education-related news. Although we won’t be translating these stories in their entirety, we hope this helps provide our readers with perspective into even more China education news!


A man in Sichuan passed the Civil Service Exam and only had to take a physical exam before getting a position. His wife tried to stop him, and the issue turned into a domestic dispute. She was afraid he might become a corrupt official like Lei Zhengfu 丈夫考上公务员妻子为啥不让去


The Ministry of Education says though the average age of study abroad is trending lower, the main stream of study abroad students still do not count as “young.” 教育部数据显示:留学低龄化是趋势而非主流



Civil service jobs are so sought after at least one man will give up an offer from a Fortune 500 company to take one. 28 thousand people took the Civil Service Exams in Ningbo. 宁波2.8万人赶公考 考生称考上不去世界500强


Holiday presents caused conflicts among school children in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, where a group of kids beat a boy for showing off the money he’d received from relatives over the holiday. News analysis blames the parents for giving the child the wrong ideas about money 青少时评:拿压岁钱炫富遭群殴错在长辈

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