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Overseas-Educated Master’s Degree Holder Returns to China to Become Chengguan Urban Management Officer

May 15, 2013

Meng Yanchao, 26 years old. Educational background: In 2010, he graduated from Tongji University, after which he attended a graduate program at Newcastle University in high-level international commerce management and received his Master’s degree. Employment: Chengguan (Urban Management Authority), Songjiang District, Shanghai Expecting to learn from work: I’m willing to do basic work, to encounter […]

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Short-Term Study Abroad Tours Aim at Qingdao Schoolchildren

April 23, 2013

RMB 20,000 for a half month experiencing famous schools Qingdao Daily News: Several travel agencies told reporters yesterday that although there are still more than two months before students start summer vacation, the number of families inquiring about and signing up for various “overseas study travel” programs is growing steadily. These programs are the best […]

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Serving the Ever-Younger Study Abroad Population

March 15, 2013

Vericant Providing Local Third-Party Interview Services for Students Applying to Private US High Schools Editor’s note: Vericant is a China-based third-party, independent interview service that adds verified data through video interviews and writing samples. For more information, visit their website at   American author Kurt Vonnegut once wrote, ” High school is closer to the core of […]

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The US Study Abroad Interview Experience

March 7, 2013

Editor’s note: Vericant is a China-based third-party, independent interview service that adds verified data through video interviews and writing samples. For more information, visit their website at   The number of students going abroad from China has been ever increasing over the past few years, and parents are making plans very early on for their children […]

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Chinese Students in the Eyes of Local Foreign School Students: Busy but Quiet

February 24, 2013

Original publication date: 2/21/13 Zhejiang Online-Qianjiang Evening News: Zoe, a teacher of English language and literature at the University of California, recently told reporters about an old colleague who loved teaching. The teacher was very old, but still unwilling to retire (in the United States, professors are employed for life, and decide themselves when to […]

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Chinese University to Set Up Foreign Branch Campus, Australia Study Abroad Professionals Not Concerned

February 21, 2013

Original publication date: 2/19/13 According to XKB Australia, media reports have indicated that Xiamen University is planning to open a branch campus in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur for 10 thousand students, a third of whom will come from China and a third of whom will come from Malaysia. The newspaper is still awaiting more […]

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Wasting Food: A Study Abroad Student’s Perspective

February 4, 2013

Original publication date: 2/1/13 Henan Business News: Xu works in a Chinese restaurant where all the staff are Chinese. When he first started work there, one of the old staff told him, “We dislike Chinese customers the most.” Xu didn’t understand, and thought the workers just blindly worshipped everything foreign. “You’ll understand eventually,” tersely said […]

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New Oriental to Close English Training Centers

February 3, 2013

Original publication date: 2/2/13 We reported several days ago that English training mega-school New Oriental may cut staff and close training center locations. This has caused quite a bit of worry among individuals studying with the organization.   Closing 15-25 Education Centers Numerous media outlets have reported in recent days that New Oriental, which has […]

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List of Most Annoying Questions for Study Abroad Returnees

January 31, 2013

Date of posting: 1/16/13 Scene #1 Q: I heard you came back from England. A: Right Q: What school in England did you graduate from? A: XXX University Q: Never heard of it. Why didn’t you got to Oxford? A: … Scene #2 Q: Your English must be pretty good. A: It’s alright. Q: Let’s […]

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Questions That Most Annoy Chinese Study Abroad Returnees

January 31, 2013

Original date of publication: Jan. 31, 2013 You went to England, so why didn’t you go to Oxford? Correspondent Liu Weining reports that a list of “questions study abroad returnees are most annoyed by” has been spreading rapidly on the web since yesterday. “You went to England, so why did’t you go to Oxford”, “You […]

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