“Failure Boy” Fails English Exam 7 Times, Finally Enters Grad School

May 4, 2013

Yangzhou News Network: With the publication of secondary examination results at school several days ago, the graduate school entry process is coming to a close for this year. One student at Yangzhou University’s Physics Institute surname Ying, whose Gaokao test result did not allow him to study his much-desired major of law as an undergraduate, […]

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New Oriental CEO: Finding Students From Poor Families at PKU Increasingly Difficult

March 9, 2013

ST Daily reports: “Every year, we find 50 students at PKU from poor families living in remote areas of China and help them complete their studies. This year, we found selecting people truly difficult. There are fewer and fewer children coming from poor families in the distant countryside. I don’t think their standard of living […]

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25-Fold Increase in Tuitions Over 25 Years

March 1, 2013

Jinling Evening News reports: The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences published a report several days ago entitled Social Security Green Paper: China’s Social Security Development Report (2012), showing that China’s investment in the development of public education has been relatively small. The report takes up the example of higher education, which from the beginning of nationally-instituted […]

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Heilongjiang Province Outlines “Multiple Test” Gaokao Reform Proposal

February 20, 2013

Original publication date: 2/20/13 Heilongjiang province will begin investigating plans to reform the gaokao nationwide higher education entrance exam this year, focusing on reforms that make the test more suitable for the province’s circumstances. Specifics are still forthcoming, but signs point to a breaking down of the “everything depends on one test” gaokao, and an […]

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More than 300 Schools Change Names in Past Eight Years

January 29, 2013

Universities Need Real Achievements to Gain Recognition Media reports that Beijing Second Foreign Languages Institute may be changing its name to Tourism University have stirred debate recently. Whether or not the reports are true, the recent obsession of universities in China with name changes has attracted much attention and discussion. A rough estimated once indicated […]

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Are PKU and Tsinghua Becoming Second-Rate Schools? High Schools Start Study Abroad Classes & Top Students Go Abroad for College

January 26, 2013

Original date of publication: August 26, 2010 When the new semester starts next month, some Beijing high school students will be attending a different type of class– a foreign joint-venture curriculum program, colloquially referred to as a “study abroad class”. Unlike the past two years, when the city organized study abroad classes for third-year students […]

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2012 Events in Study Abroad (part 1)

January 10, 2013

A serving of events from study abroad around the world The calendar has already turned past 2012. This year, study abroad policies from around the world were good overall, though  student safety incidents did occur occasionally (including issues of a personal, academic, and financial nature). We can’t help but sigh a bit. Going abroad is […]

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High School “International Class” Investigation: High Fees & Worrisome Quality

January 8, 2013

September 22nd, Zhongguancun Various study abroad ads are all over the place. This year, “international classes” in large and mid-sized cities around China have exploded in popularity. More than a few schools have started “Sino-foreign cooperation” “global famous school” programs in order to get parents to send their children off to study. Our investigation has found […]

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