Internet Commentaries

A Chinese version of a New York Times article entitled Seeking College Edge, Chinese Pupils Arrive in New York Earlier recently appeared on NetEase, a popular Chinese web portal. NetEase is known for publishing slightly edgier and more sensitive news pieces, as well as having less moderation of comments made on news stories. Here are some of the responses to the translated piece:


tinpoching (Beijing): The tuition is so high, if it’s not a fuerdai’s child then it’s a guanerdai’s child.

zhangxc5858 (Suzhou): It’s Chinese education’s loss.

泰山山阳 (Taiyuan): …It isn’t an exaggeration at all to say this kind of lifestyle is extravagant and decadent.


In response to Meng Yuan’s family custom of serving her breakfast in bed:

horse213 (Guangzhou): It makes me think of Puyi.

肛汁炼茎术师 (Quanzhou): This isn’t a problem with Chinese education. The parents are just trash.


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